Halloween in Japan

When I arrived here, I was told Halloween was going to be CRAZY!
I’ve seen Japanese horror films like Ringu and Audition, and was ready to be frightened. Alas, that would not be. I rode the train to Roppongi with friends and we were the only ones in our car in costume on Halloween!
I got a lot of stares in my Day of the Dead makeup but also a lot of Japanese riders giving me a thumbs up or saying “Kirei” (beautiful) or “Kawaii” (cute) while pointing at my face. haha!
I didn’t even see one trick-or-treater! I’m sure it has to do with the fact that I spent the vast majority of my time commuting or relaxing on my day off at my hotel room getting ready for the night’s festivities, though.
In Roppongi, the streets were packed full of people wearing costumes. The streets were just as parked as the tiny clubs/bars we went into. I wandered the street we were partying on for about half an hour alone when I lost my group.
It was strange to be in a crowd of so many people but not being able to speak to them even though I was lost. In the end, I ran into a friend of one of the people in our group. I stuck to him like gum until i was reunited with my friends.

Being lost didn’t scare me, if anything it only made me realize how important it is for me to learn Japanese.Traveling to a foreign country and only knowing basics is fine, but I am living here and I want to learn. I want to walk up to a person on the street and clearly ask for directions, clearly seek help, not rely on making obscure sounds, pointing gestures and expect someone to know English.

But I digress, Halloween was fun, even if there were no Japanese curses.


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