Fast food and vending machines in Japan

A cool thing about Japan is that there are vending machines EVERYWHERE!
Mostly drinks though, which can be a real life-saver when you’re desperate for a bottle of water, tea or coffee. Now that it’s gotten a little colder, the vending machines are divided to include a warmed section! Yes, warm drinks from a vendo. Some of the warm options are pretty obvious, like hot cocoa, hot coffee and hot tea. Others, though, are WEIRDDDDD, like hot corn soup, bean soup, and/or miso soup in a can!
Haven’t yet dared to try the soup cans, but I just might once the real cold arrives. The other night was a bit chilly and I had a vendo hot cocoa while I waited for my ride to get me from the metro. So yummy and kept me warm!

Hot drink container at the grocery store.
Miso on the left, corn chowda' on the right, straight from the vendo.
Miso on the left, corn chowda’ on the right, straight from the vendo.


Maybe I should add this to it’s own blog post but I’m hesitant because I feel like it’s been done to death.
The other night I was near a train station with a Burger King. Before heading to Japan, I had heard about the black Whopper, or Kuro Diamond Whopper, as it’s known here.
According to WSJ, the burger’s ingredients include “buns and cheese blackened by a bamboo wood fire.  The sauce also includes a healthy dose of black squid ink.”

I went in and was finally able to try it for myself. I honestly could not finish it. It tasted kind of Whopper-ish but with a fishy, peppery after-taste. The bread was plastic-y in texture, it was salty and overloaded with Mayo.
Striking in looks yes, but not in flavor.
Also, a “value” meal with a small drink and small fries made cost me about $9 USD. A bit expensive for a basic BK burger meal but worth ONE try.
One of my co-workers tried this a few months ago, check out his post, and his better-quality photos, here.
Kuro Diamond Whopper Kuro Diamond Whopper

Also, let me just say BK has some crazy offerings this holiday season. Check it:turkeyleg christmas meal    berryburger


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