Valentine’s Day a case of the opposites in Japan

Is it me or does it seem that Valentine’s Day comes way too early? And i don’t mean the actual date, I mean the time the stores decide it’s time for us to either start buying presents (usually if you’re a man) or thinking about whether or not you’ll be the recipient of any of those said gifts (usually if you’re a woman). It is the center of a lot of pressure both for men and women, it seems.
For my family, Valentine’s was special because my little sister was born on the 13th of February. So there was always heart-themed presents, candies, sweets and such, around the house during that time of the year. Every year, my dad gives us a big heart-shaped box of chocolates each. Sure he probably picked them up at Walgreen’s or something and the box doesn’t come with that map so it’s a crapshoot on whether you’re getting a good one or a gross orange creme (WHO EVEN LIKES THOSE!?), but he’s always been our valentine. I think that because of this, for me anyway, the pressure of having a Valentine or being one has been kind of dulled.
I know plenty of people and dated a few who have been very vocal about how much they “hate Valentine’s Day.” I love V-Day. I love the heart-shaped candies, i love the pink and red decorations, even the red foil cherubs cut-outs. All so cute.
Even into adulthood, I’ve bought into the holiday and gifted my best friends and mom and dad presents because in reality, they are my hearts and I want them to know that even on this day that is supposedly reserved for couples.

So for all that setup, I hope i have established that I am an admitted Valentine’s Day lover. This is important because in Japan, on Feb. 14, it is the women who buy the chocolates for the men.

The role reversal is interesting but, before any of my fellow feminists cry foul, the men do reciprocate a month later on March 14 in what is known as “White Day.” As one of my co-workers said: “The woman spends 300 yen on her boyfriend and then a month later expects him to buy her an expensive piece of jewelry… and dinner.. and more candy.. and a card.”
Woah! Bitter much? If he weren’t married I would assume he belonged to the Revolutionary Alliance of Men that Women find Unattractive, a real group of men in Japan intent on ruining Valentine’s Day. :/
As with all holidays, you can’t make everyone happy, I suppose.

So only thing left to say is:

or nah?


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