Mt. Fuji night shoot

A few weeks ago I joined a group of photography students/hobbyists for a night trip to photograph Mount Fuji and the Milky Way overnight.
The drive was about an hour and a half away from the suburb of Tokyo where I live. The area surrounding Fuji is still pretty populated and there is a ton of light pollution. The instructor, however, had scoped out a secluded (read: creepy, dark) location near the 5th station on the summit to the top of Mt. Fuji.
I have never photographed anything at night successfully, so this instructional night trip with a few seasoned and beginner photogs seemed like a great opportunity to try my hand at it.
I have a really basic Fujifilm (haha Fuji cam to shoot Fuji) digital camera with Manual settings. I am not a photographer but I do like taking the best pictures possible. In high school I took a basic photography class, but I know nothing about switching lenses, f-stops, manual settings or apertures or any of that technical jazz.
Below are my photos.
Oh and just in case (lolololol), if you really, really want to know, I used the Fujifilm FinePix S8600, which retails around 150$US.
I shot these in mid-May and it was FREEZING. Fuji does not get to a hike-able temperature until early- to mid-July. We were there for about 3 hours and the entire time there was intermittent semi-thick cloud cover shrouding the skies. Frustratingly, this happened literally up until the last 10 minutes we were there. Getting any semi-decent photo was kind of difficult.

Beside the cold, the haze and the creepy darkness, it was cool to go to a place I otherwise would not have known would be great for night shooting. I don’t know if I’d be able to find it on my own again, but I think the instructor would be willing to give up his gps coordinates.

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