Japanese wisteria hysteria

Cherry blossoms have been gone from my corner of Japan for nearly a month now, but there are so many flowers around here that it doesn’t matter too much. I suppose I’m more meh about it since I’m an ingrate with two sakura seasons under her belt. woof!

Either way, there are many, many flower festivals in the Tokyo area available to quench your cherry blossom thirst and/or cure your “cherry blossom hangover” as I wrote in my short piece for the Stars and Stripes available here.

So far, I’ve seen tulip fields, poppy fields and daisy displays, but my favorite so far have been the wisteria.

Sakura may be Asia’s most celebrated bud, but wisteria are just as whimsical if not MORE whimsical than sakura.

Below are a ton of photos I took at Ashikaga Flower Park in Gunma Prefecture, but if you want to see cherry blossom photos you can go here and here. Domo Arigatou!

(click to enlarge)


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