Christmas/クリスマス in Tokyo

Not being a Christian country, the holidays in Japan are celebrated differently. Christmas is all about the gifts and decorations. It’s a money-grab for the shops because who doesn’t love buying presents and having a santa-themed hot cocoa with a side of 15 dollar snow-themed pancakes? Also, why close or reduce hours at the amusement parks when you can just cover them in LED lights and sell tickets and other delicious themed foods??
On the plus side, everything stays open on Christmas Day!
There are also a few special Christmas traditions here including Christmas cake and fried chicken. KFC xmas dinner in Japan is a thing: check it out here! I didn’t partake because i’m not about to make reservations or wait in line for KFC chicken. 🙂

Photos below of some of the Christmas-y things I did this season (click to enlarge). Happy Holidays!


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